With so many hard-working professionals at Keystone, it’s important that we take some time to relax and bond as a team.

From a celebratory Administrative Professionals Day lunch to an adventurous firm hike, there was no shortage of team bonding opportunities for our team. Whether you love the book club or joining in on the many other festivities, there’s something fun for every employee at Keystone.

Administrative Professionals Day Lunch

April 26, 2023 was Administrative Professionals Day and Keystone celebrated with a lunch at the exquisite Il Moro Restaurante and Bistro.

Keystone has an incredible support team comprised of receptionists, paralegals, legal assistants, and professionals working in departments, such as operations, HR, accounting and marketing.

Each year, we take the opportunity to honor our administrative team by celebrating Administrative Professionals Day. In addition to our celebratory lunch, the team is showered with gifts from those who work closely with them and get cards signed by many in the firm.

The venue was the perfect spot for our support team and Partners to meet for an Italian lunch break, just blocks away from the office.

The menu covered Italian classics like rustic pizza and lasagna, but also included options for those who appreciate a fine dining experience. Items like risotto radiccio, cioppino, and branzino suited the appetites of those who wanted something a little bit different.

“The food was great and we all had a great time catching up outside the office,” said Client Relations Specialist, Luisa Jaramillo.

The night was full of good food and great conversations, which have become hallmarks of a day out with Keystone.

“We are incredibly appreciative of our team here at Keystone and can’t thank them enough for all of their hard work,” said Managing Partner, Shawn Kerendian.

Keystone Team Takes a Hike for Mental Health Awareness Month

On May 13, 2023, in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, the team went to one of the most scenic locations in Los Angeles for a hike.

The hike took place at Griffith Park, which is located in the eastern Santa Monica mountain range. Known for its many attractions, including the Griffith Observatory and the nearby Hollywood Sign, the park also includes some of the best hiking trails in Southern California.

The parents and dog-lovers at Keystone were happy to bring their children and pets for an afternoon of fresh air and exercise. Everyone who attended had an exhilarating Saturday afternoon walking alongside coworkers, seeing the sights, and supporting a good cause.

Associate Negin Rashidi summed up her experience at the firm hike: “Overall, the hike was an opportunity for us to connect on a more personal and deeper level with our partners, associates, staff, and their respective families and fur babies. The closer I get to my KLG family, the more I appreciate the people I work with and the work we do. Cheers to KLG, Mental Health Day, and to many more hikes!”

Mental health awareness is an important issue and Keystone honored mental health month with a relaxing hike and by sharing mental health tips and resources with our team.

Bowling Night

Keystone’s Social Committee is allocating budgets to several teams and groups of people to have their own happy hours to encourage team bonding and comradery. In May, the support team took a group vote and ended up at Bowlero, a trendy bowling alley and lounge in Los Angeles.

Everyone enjoyed the night out in their own way, with some sipping margaritas and others competing for the best score of the night. While opinions may differ on who’s the best bowler, one thing is for certain: This was an epic night that no one will soon forget.

“My favorite thing about bowling was spending time with the team. Bowling or not, they’re always fun to be around,” said Legal Assistant Brandon Kuwada.

Julia Sukhong, a legal assistant, described the event at Bowlero in two clever words: “gutter perfection.”





Keystone Book Club

Keystone now has a book club!

The new book club, which had an impressive turnout in its first meeting, discussed The Violin Conspiracy by Brendan Slocumb. The participants in the book club selected their favorite genres and from there, the first book was chosen.

The Violin Conspiracy follows the story of Ray McMillian and the strange circumstances surrounding the theft of his world-renowned Stradivarius violin. Through connecting Ray’s past and present, the book delivered a captivating mystery that all those interested in music and history could enjoy.

“During our meeting, we all had a blast discussing the themes of the book and got to know each other a little more in the process,” said Billing Coordinator Elizabeth Hicks.