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We don’t need to tell you about our values and successes. Hear it straight from our clients. They’ll tell you that our lawyers and staff are some of the most attentive and always there to help. Our out-of-the-box thinking and specialized focus on probate law allows us to find solutions to probate matters that fit a variety of budgets and needs. We have a demonstrated history of securing clients the best possible outcomes for their cases. Of course, these testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

“I was a victim of elderly financial abuse by my own son. He had placed all the assets I’d worked hard for all my life into an irrevocable trust, and named himself as the trustee. My notarized signature was on the document, and my signing it was witnessed by an attorney. My son, who I’d put through medical school, was about to spend my entire life savings and sell my house. I had given him the legal authority to do so. He was challenging my ability to think for myself and retain legal counsel. He was playing dirty. I was lucky to have Verlan on my side. She really fought for me and eventually got the judge to void the document. Believe me when I say there is not a case Verlan can’t win.   

It was a contentious battle, but she did anything and everything she could do within the limits of the law to get me the outcome I wanted. She is a true fighter, a great litigator, a smart and creative thinker, a problem solver and a truly nice person on the inside. You have no idea how comforting it is to be in a tight spot and have Verlan in your corner. She treated me like family. She was always available, and when she wasn’t, she would get back to me right away. Shawn, the managing trust lawyer at the firm, advised and oversaw the case, showing incredible kindness. Keystone literally saved my life.

I have reached 78 because of the standard of care I am able to now afford. Thanks to Verlan, I am able to live the life I worked hard for, and I am not broke. This was not my first experience with attorneys or the courts, but I have been working with Keystone for 3 years, and I have never been so impressed by a law firm. Verlan is a star, but the office support staff also has been so friendly, efficient and professional. We are family now. Thank you, Keystone. Bless you all. Verlan, you are my heroine. I would definitely recommend Keystone Law Group, especially Verlan, to anyone needing counsel for probate law cases.”

Mina |
Settlor and Beneficiary

“Seeing the difference already in this short term tells us more and more of the horrible sentence that she was serving under my brother’s care. It was almost as if a terrible decree was lifted. 

“My mother has been awake for the entire day each day that she is here. She is engaged, smiling, walking, singing, eating, washed, changed and on and on. She LOVES to walk the neighborhood, and while we bring the wheelchair, she almost never wants to get in it as she energetically forges ahead in her new Hoka tennis shoes. 

She is 180 degrees different and reviving. She sleeps through the night and is engaged all day so she is ready for bed at night. I have woken her up each morning with Love. Her caretaker is incredible, and my mother loves her and is blessing her, smiling at her, and offering kisses to her constantly. My mother is changed every morning into clothing and changed again to pajamas at night. (That was not the case before.) She is taken to the restroom constantly. 

She is starting to once again speak (sometimes) in full sentences. She is knitting. Things are improving. There is truly even so much more.

May you see infinite blessings with your own families and be rewarded for the good that you do for others. You are spectacular people. I am infinitely grateful and forever indebted.”

Dina |

“Look no further. This is the firm you want.

As I began to manage my sister’s and her husband’s Living Trust, I knew I would need a qualified firm with the proper Trust and Probate credentials. After vetting SoCal firms (I live in NorCal), Keystone was my top finalist. They handled a tough situation, marshaled it through the Courts and beneficiary negotiations and, most important, protected me against liability. At all times, I was kept apprised of what was going on, and I was always afforded an opportunity to comment on draft documents. Look no further. This is the firm you want.”

Rahn |

Keystone saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars! We contacted Keystone when one of our relatives decided to sue us to get access to our family’s estate. It was my grandmother’s wish to exclude him from the will but despite this we were served with a lawsuit and needed representation and guidance to navigate the situation effectively and cost-efficiently.

Keystone are specialists in the areas of probate and knew exactly what to do to help our family. We were in fact blown away by their ability to get the case resolved in mediation and at a cost significantly less than we expected.

I would highly recommend Keystone Law Group to anyone looking for world-class representation when it comes to Probate and protecting your family’s assets.

Phillip |

I cannot say enough words for my sincere gratitude for the entire staff at Keystone Law Group!

I particularly want to share my deepest admiration for Roee Kaufman and Shawn Kerendian for there impeccable work on my parents case.

Do not believe for a second that the “only people that make money are the Lawyers” It is the people that bring the problems to the lawyers and ask for a ” lifeline” to solve their problems. I cannot stress enough that you must plan ahead to avoid litigation and you must have good communication with your family years in advance and always have open discussions. Do not keep secrets from your family, because excellent litigators like Roee will peel layers off the onion and counsel will seek the truth and will seek justice! Every lie and fraud will be uncovered, that I can promise you!

I hope by the time you read this, it will not be too late! Please do not wait until the time of passing to resolve any unfinished business with family!

Marc |

I was referred to Keystone law group through another attorney. I needed their services as my aunt who has no children, was abused financially and emotionally by a relative of hers. To protect her well being and assets, I had to become her conservator, which is a complicated matter which needs to be petitioned for in front of court. Shawn Kerendian, the main partner, worked with me and explained everything upfront. Cliff Melnick and Dr. Joshua Ross handled my case after that. It was truly a very professional experience. They helped me advocate for her, remained very ethical, we’re on top of things prior to me needing to call them.

Most importantly they did not drag the case. I got a temporary and a permanent conservatorship and could have not asked for better attorneys to represent me. Thanks so much.

Melanie |

Estate Litigation Heroes…

Keystone especially Steve Urenda, and Joshua Taylor, defended my case, which was difficult. I was out of the country and they took my case on. This was a serious estate litigation.

Mr Urenda kept in contact with me, very articulate with my case, and educated me along the way. My case was difficult as the person who was  Head of the Estate for my mother while she was alive and after she had passed away had committed egregious-improprieties of her fiduciary duty in every way possible.

Steve Urenda,  always stayed in contact, always patient and articulate in his answers to my unending questions. Very thorough. I had no idea how to navigate through the fraudulent acts committed by the Head of Trust, I felt like I was cast into an arena of chaos.

I hired Keystone and introduced to Steve Urenda  and Joshua Taylor, and they took it from there. They were able to put things in order and articulately explain it to me.  They were professional and took over expeditiously and accurately. If I ever had questions I could call them directly. I always received a quick response back if they were not available.

I never thought I would get through this nightmare, and if it wasn’t for Keystone, I’d still be waiting while monies were being illegally spent. Everything was done through phone calls and Internet. They made it easy. From the beginning to the very end when money was  to be distributed, they helped me through that.

I couldn’t of gotten through this experience without them. Steve Urenda was the person who was directly handling my case and he was amazing at pulling out and putting into words all the questions I had swirling around in my mind. He answered me clearly, and again patiently.

With all that was done with this case on my behalf, the price was absolutely right!  Please… believe me,  the price was right! I absolutely was not taken advantage of at all. I just can’t say enough about the positive experience I had with Keystone. I was blessed to have found them!

Cindee |

“BEST LAW FIRM. Two years ago, I emailed Keystone Law Group regarding several family estate matters. My situation was difficult and overwhelming. My attorney at that time was discouraging me for reasons that did not make sense. I knew what was happening to me was wrong and could not just let it go.

Shawn Kerendian responded to my email within minutes. Later that day, we had a phone conversation that put me at ease and gave me hope. There was no hesitation with Shawn. He had a clear understanding of my issues. The following day, my current attorney was released and Keystone Law became my counsel. It was the best decision I made. Roee Kaufman was my attorney, and he is phenomenal. Roee is highly competent, articulate and was successful in achieving my desired outcome. This is a law firm I will not hesitate to refer to anyone.”

Stacey |

Keystone Law is the best referral I have ever received, so I’m going to pay it forward.

My friend of 30 years left me with a challenge. It came during a time of mourning, heartbreak, and anger.  I had no clue of who to hire to help me, but I knew I wanted the BEST, like the L.A. Law T.V. Show I watched as a child.  Barouti Law, who had just updated my trust, referred me to Shawn Kerendian at Keystone Law Group.  I confirmed with Nazanin Barouti that they must be the best in Probate Law, because I wanted my friend’s last wishes to be accomplished. She assured me that everyone she had referred to Keystone Law Group was always happy with their success.

I contacted Shawn at Keystone Law Group. We talked and he kindly walked me through the steps of the process. He assigned me to Monica Yun, who by far exceeded my expectations.  Although Shawn was not my attorney, he always checked in on me and my case. Monica Yun, during my anger and grief, kept me focused and on track to fulfill my best friend’s wishes. When you are in a fight, you want the best beside you. You want to feel safe with your choice, trust in the people you have hired and accomplish the goal you are tasked with. After 2 years in court, Keystone Law Group, Shawn and Monica accomplished my best friend’s wishes. L.A. Law Style.

Thank you Keystone Law Group, Shawn Kerendian and Monica Yun for being there during my grief, anger and mourning of my dear friend.  You have fulfilled Lori’s wishes.

Lori’s Last & Famous Words “Thank you for being my friend.”


Nina |

“I had done a bit of my own research and scouted around 10 separate probate groups before finding Keystone. I was very up-front with my needs and expectations because of complications in my case and family. It was handled well. Above all, Roee made it extremely easy — smooth sailing. 

I felt secure, and all of my questions were met with quick, detailed and overly adequate responses. Planned and precise. Above and beyond. I gave him my full control and confidence. Happy with the outcome and glad to have gotten a great deal of my own experience while going through all of this.

I can perhaps help others down the road and/or send them to someone who definitely can! This process can be very hard, we all know why, but these guys made it as easy as possible — with fair prices that are certainly competitive. Definitely check Keystone Law Group out.”

Shawn |

“I feel fortunate that I found your office to pursue this trust contest, not because we won, but because the character of your office and the character of my representation was simply put, virtuous.

In particular, I found Josh and [his associate] to be exceedingly pleasant to deal with. Their personal and professional demeanor telegraphed the virtues of our case. I found it personally very validating to have them as my representatives.”

Jack |

“From start to finish of my already challenging trust situation, they have provided me with nothing but great service.

I am very appreciative of the service Keystone Law Group has provided me. I appreciate a law firm that is attentive and upfront with communication. Thank you for all of your help. I am glad that this is all over.”

Dana |

“When my Mom passed away, I unexpectedly had issues with my sibling regarding my Mother’s Trust. I was referred to Keystone Law Group and I’m so glad I was.

First off, Keystone is a very well run and efficient company. Everyone you work with is smart, professional and nice. Response time was always quick and efficient. My lawyer, Monica was incredibly smart, organized and easy to talk to about my concerns. This was my first time working with a lawyer and the situation was a new experience for me, not to mention emotional. However, working with Monica, I felt I had someone on my side fighting for me and my rights.

Throughout the process, Monica always communicated all options for me along with recommendations for resolution. Her customer service was excellent and she was always available to talk and answer any questions. Monica is quite simply an excellent lawyer! I highly recommend Monica and Keystone Law Group.”

Claire |

“From the beginning, Hila displayed the skill needed to get caught up on what had transpired in the case already and the ability to listen to us carefully to grasp our feelings and understanding of the case.

There were particular hurdles to get over throughout the case, posed mostly by opposing counsels lack of urgency and failure to respond accurately to counsels requests. This is where Hila really took control of the situation. Her persistent communique with opposing counsel added just enough pressure to make things start to happen. She is obviously very competent in her knowledge of the law and our confidence in her grew as the case proceeded. Her ability to get opposing counsel to respond accurately within given time frames was impressive to us as we had dealt with him many times prior to employing your firm to handle it for us. It was very reassuring to know we had Hila in our corner and getting things done. We would also like to thank Joshua Taylor for his effective overseeing of our case. Your choice to pick Hila for the case was, in our eyes, a great decision.

Overall, we are very pleased with your representation of us in settling this trust. And, our hats are off to Hila for her exemplary advice, attention and communication in reaching a settlement.”

Constance & Michael |

“Hila handled the matter with purposeful research, timely communication and sincere compassion.

Hila diligently researched my questions regarding contesting the trust. She contacted the estate planner and secured the receipt of amendments one-four of the trust straightaway. She acquired requested real estate reports, which painted a picture of the remaining assets due to the fact there was no schedule of assets. The combination of these efforts laid a foundation upon which to decide to contest or not.

Ms. Golchet was prompt in her communication and followed through daily with the discussed tasks. Hila welcomed client input as to which direction to pursue, but also displayed her expertise in directing me to pertinent information. She communicated by email and phone daily regarding newly acquired information – many times in the evening after traditional work hours.

However, most impressive was the compassion with which Hila conducted our conversations. Potentially contesting a trust, necessitates exposing personal information. Hila was adept at teasing out information that would productively contribute to a solid contest of the trust, while graciously listening to difficult life events. She handled sorrowful events with empathy and strength; providing examples of others who had contested trust with similar circumstances and the negative impact it had on their physical and psychological well-being.”

Cynthia |

“Hands down, the best probate litigation firm in all of Los Angeles.

Roee Kaufman is a rockstar at his craft. He assisted my mother and me through a treacherous battle against my aunt. He gracefully brought closure to a very nasty situation, and we thank our lucky stars for him. He was so nice and thoughtful throughout the whole process. When a friend or client is in need of a probate attorney, I only refer Roee Kaufman of Keystone Law Group. Thank you Roee and Keystone Law Group for all that you have done for our family.” 

Nicole |

“They turned a 2 1/2 year nightmare into something I could work with in 2 months.

I have had very limited interaction with lawyers but from friends and relatives have heard horror stories. The entire staff is knowledgeable, warm, considerate, prompt and have exceeded my wildest expectations of lawyers. They know what they are doing. They listen and understand these are painful times or you wouldn’t be contacting them. They put my mind at ease. If you don’t at least consider them you won’t be getting the best counsel.”

Lenda |
Trustee and Beneficiary

I want to personally thank Lindsey Munyer for her efforts with ending the fraud and abuse my elderly aunt and uncle endured.

Prior to her arrival, the family had engaged two separate attorneys, but their efforts were largely a waste of time and money. Lindsey cut through the nonsense and vigorously represented the interests of my relatives, which ultimately removed the threat of any further fraud or abuse and put to an end the disgraceful plan being perpetrated against them. My aunt and uncle are out from under these terrible circumstances, and they can now live their lives as they choose. Lindsey made that happen.

I hope to never need another estate, trust, or probate attorney, particularly under such circumstances, but should the need arise, I would not hesitate to contact Lindsey. In addition, I would highly recommend her and Keystone Law Group to anyone in need of such representation.

Thank you Lindsey, and thank you Keystone.

Jeff |
Family Member

“Considering probate and Will/Trust disputes make an already difficult situation, with a loved one passing, even more difficult, the attorneys and staff at Keystone Law did a lot to help me successfully navigate and manage the trust that I was overseeing. They were very knowledgeable and professional every step of the way.”

Josh |

“It will always be an honor and privilege to voice how the team was always professional, thorough and tactful in handling every situation down to the detail.

I cannot say thanks enough for all your efforts and support through this trudging experience and struggle regarding my so-called family. I know that GOD moved you to call me that first day. I was almost toast, but HE sent the VERY BEST legal representation on the planet, and I am not exaggerating! YOU AND THE TEAM ALWAYS WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND IN CATERING TO ANYTHING I NEEDED. You guys are TOP NOTCH!!!”

Ben |
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