Bigger is better for Keystone Law Group. To serve its ever-growing client base and team, the firm has both expanded and remodeled its office, enabling it to have a more spacious, comfortable and tech forward setup. While the original plan had been to expand the office in 2020, the uncertainty brought on by Covid-19 put those plans on hold. Keystone, however, continued to grow during those challenging times, easing any doubts as to whether expansion would be a good idea.  

“It was a long process as we increased our footprint by more than 50%.” said Ana Asanuma, the Operations Manager. “We are so happy with how the suite turned out.”

Upon entering the remodeled suite with all brand new art work and common space furniture, clients and employees will feel as though they’re walking into a cozy living room. The space also features expansive views of West Los Angeles, and new small and large conference rooms with cutting-edge video conferencing technology to host internal and external meetings, and keep employees connected who are working remotely. The new kitchen is larger as well, which makes it the perfect spot for Keystone to host its weekly breakfasts, monthly hot breakfasts, and for employees to enjoy one another’s company as they have their meals. 

Keystone employees could not be more thrilled about moving from a remote work setup to the likes of this new and improved office space that encourages collaboration. “I was concerned that I might miss working from the comfort of my own home once we transitioned to a hybrid work format,” said Legal Assistant Brian Lee. “But this new office space is better than home. I look forward to the days I come in!”