Like with other professions, lawyers must take steps to continue their education in order to keep their law licenses current. Loyola Law School annually hosts a conference for Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Day in which only a select few were invited to lecture on a topic concerning their area of the law. Those in attendance were able to receive credits toward fulfilling their continuing education requirements.  

Keystone Partner Roee Kaufman was asked to share his expertise on an important discussion topic surrounding elder financial abuse. The title of his lecture was “Undue Influence: How to Protect Elderly Clients From Bad Actors During Life and After Death.” Roee provided invaluable advice to attorneys and other legal professionals about how to protect vulnerable elders, such as through careful estate planning and conservatorships, and ways to redress the damage caused by undue influence if the victim has already died. 

Among the audience members were current and retired judges, as well as attorneys across a wide variety of practice areas.  

“Undue influence runs a lot more rampant among elders than people recognize, which is why it’s so important for those in the legal profession to learn about it,” said Roee. “I’m glad I had the opportunity to share my expertise on this important issue with my colleagues.”