Ernie Banks estate in dispute over contested will

Celebrity Disputes

The family of renowned baseball player Ernie Banks is contesting a will that allows his caregiver, Regina Rice, to have a full control over his assets, according to a report by CNN on February 17. Banks’ family stated that apart from the will, Rice also made the late Chicago Cub sign a health care directive […]

Signs of conservatorship abuse

Conservators are assigned by the court to look after an elder who is unable to address his or her needs due to mental, sometimes physical, disabilities. Because conservators have the power to decide on behalf of the conservatee, they are expected to act in the best interest of the person they are meant to protect. However, […]

Conservatorship over Casey Kasem’s health given to daughter

Celebrity Disputes

The decision over who will look after Casey Kasem’s health care has been reached, a report by the Reuters revealed on June 6. Kerri Kasem, Casey Kasem’s daughter with his first wife, has been granted conservatorship over her ailing dad. The 82-year-old radio DJ and voice actor behind Scooby Doo’s Shaggy has been suffering from Lewy body […]