Celebrity Disputes

Reports are beginning to surface that suggest a budding legal battle over Robin Williams’ estate following the actor’s suicide last August, according to nytimes.com.

The conflict largely centers around personal effects and memorabilia. Williams’ third wife, Susan Schneider Williams, was awarded their “Tiburon home and ‘the contents thereof,’” and, additionally, enough money to maintain the residence for her lifetime. The trust also maintained that his clothing, awards, memorabilia, and photos accumulated before his marriage with Mrs. Williams were to be awarded to his children. As such, the contents of various personal items residing in the Tiburon house—not his other residences—have been the source of contention.

Mrs. Williams argues that his personal “knickknacks” not associated with his famous persona—the suit he wore at their wedding, various graphic novels, action figures, movie posters—should be within her right to keep as mementos. The three children believe they have a right to these personal objects as they were dear to him, carefully cultivated over the years, and crucial inspiration for his career. They were also quick to point out that Mrs. Williams has only been a part of the family for three years.

Tensions heightened when Mrs. Williams locked the children out of the house to protect what she views as her property, and also noted that she “‘became frightened of the co-trustees invading her home.’”

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