Celebrity Disputes

The heirs of the founder of Benihana steakhouses have filed a lawsuit in the Manhattan Surrogate’s Court over claims that their stepmother is wasting their multi-million inheritance on unnecessary restaurant gimmicks and costly lawsuits, a report by The Daily Mail stated on November 25.

According to the lawsuit filed by the children of late restaurateur Hiroaki Aoki, their stepmom and trustee of their father’s $50 million fortune has been spending the money to fund the Beni Girls, a hip hop duo that flies around and performs during promotional events. The children also allege that their stepmom has sparked three frivolous lawsuits against Benihana Inc., a separate company outside the family that controls Benihana franchises in the U.S.

The money is in a stock-holding firm invested in Benihana of Tokyo, which manages Benihana restaurants overseas and one in Hawaii. The Aoki siblings won’t get their hands on the funds until each turns 45.

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