Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Clifford Klein set a court date of January 8 to rule whether or not Casey Kasem’s widow, Jean Kasem, has the right to object to the payment of approximately $350,000 dollars in legal costs in relation to a conservatorship dispute over the late radio icon’s estate, an online report by mynewsLA.com stated on December 15.

Among those that seek to be paid for their service are the attorneys of Casey Kasem’s daughter and his temporary guardian upon his death, Kerri Kasem, and Samuel Ingham, Casey Kasem’s court-appointed legal counsel. An attorney for Kerri Kasem claimed that Jean Kasem’s move aims to delay the late radio icon’s estate trial. On the other hand, Jean Kasem’s legal counsel said the move is necessary, as Ingham attempted to overstate his fees by doing unnecessary work.

Casey Kasem’s widow and the children from his first wife, Mike, Julie, and Kerri, are at odds in an arduous legal battle over the radio icon’s estate.

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