Probate Attorney in Los Angeles

When the end of one’s life is imminent, it is without a doubt an emotional time; however, it is also a time for one to get his or her affairs in order. The estate of the deceased must be settled following the person’s death; therefore, it may be wise for one to plan for this event to lessen the burden on his or her loved ones. If you or someone you know is nearing the end of life, you may want to consider visiting an experienced and reputable probate attorney in Los Angeles.

What a Probate Attorney in Los Angeles Can Do for You?

If you are nearing the end of your life, a probate attorney can ensure that your estate is handled and distributed in the way that you would like it to be handled. A probate attorney can help you identify the assets and debts that you will have at the time of your death. Your attorney can handle allocating finances to cover your debts so that your loved ones are not surprised by bills for any debt for which you were responsible. What taxes your estate will be responsible for and how these taxes are to be paid is a significant issue which a probate attorney can address and plan ahead for you. In addition, your attorney can listen to your wishes and take steps to ensure that your assets are distributed in the way in which you intend.

Drafting Your Trust

A probate attorney can draft your revocable living trust and ensure that it meets all legal requirements. A trust not only allows you to state the way in which you would like your property to be dispersed, it also allows you to appoint a trustee to manage and distribute your assets after your passing

Preparing an Advanced Directive

A probate attorney can also prepare an advanced directive which details the medical treatment to which you consent if you were to become incapacitated. This is also called a living will. This allows you to make your own decisions about your end-of-life care at a point when you are of the mental capacity to make an informed decision and have this decision become legally enforceable should the time come.

If you or someone you know is nearing the end of life, an experienced and reputable probate attorney such as Keystone Law Group, P.C. can give you peace of mind that your final wishes will be legally binding. For further information or schedule an appointment please contact Keystone Law Group, P.C. at 310.444.9060 or visit