Through a will, a deceased person is able to set out the guidelines regarding the distribution of his own properties and assets,  in addition to how the property should be managed. There are instances, however, that an individual fails to write a will before his death. This situation is called intestacy. An intestate individual is a person who died without making a valid will and has assets that are worth more than any debts that he or she has. As such, the assets should be distributed according to the measures specified by the governing state law.

In California, an intestate individual will have his or her properties and assets to the surviving parents, spouse, children and grandchildren, if there are any. The relatives of an intestate individual’s spouse or domestic partner may also receive a portion of the assets when his or her spouse or domestic partner dies first. If the intestate individual (and the deceased domestic partner/spouse) was left with no relatives, the State of California would ultimately be the beneficiary.

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