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When a trust is established, a fiduciary is appointed to manage and account for the testator’s funds. The fiduciary involved in a trust is called a trustee and has many important responsibilities, all of which may have serious legal implications.

Trust administration, while complicated, can be well-managed with the help of an experienced attorney. The trust administration attorneys at Keystone Law Group, P.C. can help trustees navigate the legal responsibilities they now have and better understand their duties in this position.

Requirements of Trust Administration

As a trustee, you have a certain number of important responsibilities that you are now expected to fulfill. Some of these responsibilities include the following:

  • Acting in the best interest of the grantor
  • Avoiding conflicts of interests
  • Avoiding profiting from position as trustee
  • Adopting requirements for trust accounting

All of these responsibilities are a legal requirement for trustees to uphold, and any mistake, whether intentional or accidental, could lead to troublesome legal issues. Fortunately, trustees can talk with an experienced trust administration attorney to get advice and assistance regarding their role. If there are disputes with the beneficiaries, our trust litigation attorneys can help.

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If you have recently been appointed as a trustee, it is critical that you know all of the responsibilities you now have and how to properly uphold them. The attorneys of Keystone Law Group, P.C. help trustees better comprehend their legal expectations as well as offer advice and guidance for trust administration and accounting. Contact us at (310) 444-9060.