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How to Stop Inheritance Theft and Protect Your Rights as Beneficiary

Keystone’s free whitepaper will teach beneficiaries about how to navigate estate and trust disputes, protect their beneficiary rights, and claim their rightful inheritances.

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If you’ve been named as a beneficiary of a decedent’s estate or trust, you probably have some questions, such as: What is a beneficiary? Is it possible to secure a copy of the will or trust instrument? How long before I am provided my inheritance? This 10-page whitepaper from Keystone Law Group will help answer all of those questions and more.

Find out what to do after you have been named beneficiary of a decedent’s estate or trust.

Find out how to protect and enforce your rights as an estate or trust beneficiary.

Discover different ways of navigating potential estate and trust disputes.

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"I feel fortunate that I found your office to pursue this trust contest, not because we won, but because the character of your office and the character of my representation was simply put, virtuous."

“In particular, I found Josh and [his associate] to be exceedingly pleasant to deal with. Their personal and professional demeanor telegraphed the virtues of our case. I found it personally very validating to have them as my representatives.”

Jack |
"They have provided me with nothing but great service."

“From start to finish of my already challenging trust situation, they have provided me with nothing but great service. I am very appreciative of the service Keystone Law Group has provided me. I appreciate a law firm that is attentive and upfront with communication. Thank you for all of your help. I am glad that this is all over.”

Dana |
"Keystone is a very well-run and efficient company."

“When my mom passed away, I unexpectedly had issues with my sibling regarding my mother’s trust. I was referred to Keystone Law Group. First off, everyone you work with is smart, professional and nice. Response time was always quick and efficient. My lawyer Monica was incredibly smart, organized and easy to talk to about my concerns.”

Claire |
"Hila handled the matter with purposeful research, timely communication and sincere compassion."

“Hila diligently researched my questions regarding contesting the trust. She contacted the estate planner and secured the receipt of amendments one-four of the trust straightaway. She acquired requested real estate reports, which painted a picture of the remaining assets due to the fact there was no schedule of assets. The combination of these efforts laid a foundation upon which to decide to contest or not.

Ms. Golchet was prompt in her communication and followed through daily with the discussed tasks. Hila welcomed client input as to which direction to pursue, but also displayed her expertise in directing me to pertinent information. She communicated by email and phone daily regarding newly acquired information – many times in the evening after traditional work hours.

However, most impressive was the compassion with which Hila conducted our conversations. Potentially contesting a trust, necessitates exposing personal information. Hila was adept at teasing out information that would productively contribute to a solid contest of the trust, while graciously listening to difficult life events.”

Cynthia |
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If you have questions about anything that was covered in the whitepaper or would like to discuss the specifics of your legal matter, please don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation with one of our skilled probate attorneys. We know how emotionally difficult inheritance disputes can be, which is why we are available to help in any way that we can.