Legal Guardianship Attorneys

When the parents of a minor have passed away or otherwise incapacitated, a legal guardian is appointed in order to be the caretaker until the child is 18 years old. The guardian will then be given all of the same responsibilities that a parent normally would, such as decisions regarding the physical care of the child. Furthermore, guardianship involves not only the custody of the child but may also involve the management of the child’s estate.

In many cases, a guardian is named in a parent’s will, but a court will appoint the guardian if need be. The attorneys of Keystone Law Group, P.C. understand the complexities surrounding the establishment of guardianship, and believe that many potential guardians may benefit from our legal assistance.

Process for Establishing Guardianship

Establishing guardianship in California can quickly become a complicated situation. In short, in order to file a case to become a guardian, you must:

  • Fill out all necessary forms
  • File paperwork with the court clerk
  • “Give notice” to certain people, relatives, and agencies
  • Acquire signatures from those who agree you are a suitable guardian
  • Speak with a court investigator
  • Appear at your court hearing

This process can be taxing for anyone applying to be a guardian, and legal representation can be of invaluable help.

A Guardianship Attorney in California

If you are beginning or are in the middle of the process of establishing guardianship,it would be wise to consider how experienced legal assistance can be of assistance. Contact our guardianship attorneys at (310) 444-9060.