The Difference Between General & Limited Conservatorship

In a conservatorship, an adult caretaker is established through the courts to care for an individual and/or his estate when that individual is unable to do so due to mental incapacity or severe disability. The conservator manages the affairs of the individual, such as housing, medical treatment, food, clothing, and other personal care. When also a conservator of the individual’s estate, the conservator will manage the finances of the individual, including controlling the assets and income, paying expenses, creating budgets for the conservatee, and handling investments.

If you need legal assistance in putting into place a conservatorship for a family member or are involved in a dispute or other legal matter connected with a conservatorship, it is highly recommended that you discuss the matter to get the legal guidance you need from a conservatorship attorney at our firm. Because of our concentration in the legal field of estates and probate, we are highly experienced in handling matters related to conservatorships.

What is the Difference Between a Limited and General Conservatorship?

A general conservatorship is most often used in the cases of an elderly person whose mental or physical capacity has been severely compromised due to aging or in the case of a younger person who has been seriously impaired due to an accident.

A limited conservatorship is generally set up for those who have developmental disabilities, such as individuals with autism, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, or mental retardation that began before their 18th birthday. These types of individuals need the care and supervision of an adult but of a lesser degree than those who require a general conservatorship. A limited conservatorship allows for the maximum amount of self-reliance possible for the individual while still maintaining a level of care. Often parents of an individual needing this type of conservatorship will appoint such a person in their wills. A conservatorship attorney at our firm can advise you on the matter of any type of conservatorship, whether general or limited, and can ensure that it is properly established through the courts.

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