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The death of a loved one can be heart wrenching. During this emotional time, dealing with inheritance disputes can be especially difficult.

Perhaps there is ambiguous language contained in a decedent’s will, and estate beneficiaries don’t agree with the executor’s interpretation of the ambiguities.

Perhaps one sibling had assumed more of the caregiving duties toward the end of the decedent’s life and is fighting with their siblings for a larger share of the decedent’s trust.

Perhaps there are concerns the decedent was unduly influenced into altering their will or trust from their deathbed because the changes to the document drastically favor the decedent’s new spouse and significantly reduce the inheritances going to their children.

Perhaps a third party’s lawsuit against an estate or trust is threatening the beneficiaries’ inheritances.

Whatever form your inheritance dispute takes, Keystone’s California inheritance lawyers are equipped to assist. Whether your inheritance dispute is relatively straightforward or very complex, Keystone’s California inheritance lawyers can help you navigate it with ease.

Keystone’s team of qualified California inheritance attorneys can guide you through the intricate probate process and advise you on your rights in an inheritance dispute. To ensure you receive the inheritance you are entitled to, you need to be represented by a knowledgeable inheritance attorney. California has such complex probate laws that it is crucial to have an attorney who specializes in probate law advise you, or your legal strategy could fail to take into account certain nuances and developments in the field that could help your case.

Keystone is one of the largest firms in California exclusively practicing in probate and trust litigation. Our California inheritance lawyers excel at assisting clients on all ends of the probate spectrum. Regardless of whether you are seeking to bring a claim, defend a claim, protect your inheritance against inheritance theft or obtain guidance about the role you should play in an inheritance dispute, you will need the help of inheritance lawyers. California residents can feel confident when turning to Keystone Law Group because every lawyer at the firm has the experience, skillset and credentials to navigate any type of inheritance dispute that may arise.


Why Should You Hire a California Inheritance Lawyer?

Are you a trust beneficiary who is still waiting on your inheritance? Are you an estate beneficiary who has been accused of elder financial abuse against the decedent, and now your inheritance is under threat? Are the provisions of a will or trust ambiguous? Are you seeking to learn about your rights when inheriting a house with siblings? Are you an executor or trustee seeking to challenge an invalid creditor’s claim? Are you surviving spouse seeking to enforce your community property rights? For help with all of the aforementioned issues and more, you can rely on the California inheritance attorneys at Keystone Law Group.

Inheritance disputes can arise in a variety of contexts. Keystone’s California inheritance attorneys specialize in such areas of practice as:

Trust & Will Disputes
Fiduciary Misconduct
Property Disputes
Elder Financial Abuse
Trust & Estate Administration
Probate Appeals

Keystone California Inheritance Lawyers Are Ready to Help

Since Keystone’s California inheritance lawyers focus only on the probate field of law, they are immersed in it day in and day out. They make it a point to stay apprised of new developments in their practice area, as well as engage in insightful discussions about these developments with their fellow attorneys. Keystone attorneys are held in high regard by their peers, judges and clients for their dedication to their field and for the professionalism with which they handle client matters.

Some notable accomplishments by Keystone’s California inheritance attorneys include:

  • They have been Certified as Specialists in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law (State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization).
  • They routinely present on probate topics to professionals across a variety of fields, including attorneys and CPAs.
  • They regularly receive accolades from prominent legal publications, such as Daily Journal, Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers.
  • They have taught trusts and estates to law students.

To effectively practice probate law in California, inheritance lawyers require a high degree of expertise. Every probate attorney at Keystone has received specialized training and possesses the qualifications necessary to excel in their field. If you are looking for skilled California inheritance attorneys with an ability to handle their clients’ sensitive matters with discretion and empathy, you have come to the right firm. Just look at what our clients are saying about us and our record of success. Call us today for help navigating your inheritance issue.

Who We Help

Types of Clients We Work With

Executors and Administrators

We help executors and administrators navigate their responsibilities in inheritance disputes and counsel executors and administrators on administration matters.


We help trustees navigate their responsibilities in inheritance disputes and advise trustees on administration matters.

Beneficiaries and Heirs

We help beneficiaries and heirs secure and protect their rightful inheritances.


We help surviving spouses enforce their community property rights when there are inheritance disputes.


We help establish conservatorships and advise conservators about their duties.


We help creditors bring and defend claims against deceased debtor’s estates and trusts and against debtor-beneficiaries.


We help those with powers of attorney navigate their role, and bring or defend claims on their behalf.


We help establish and contest guardianships, as well as counsel guardians on their duties.

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Keystone Law Group doesn’t shy away from challenging probate issues. The firm’s California inheritance lawyers are experienced and trustworthy, and they can effectively assist clients at all ends of the probate spectrum.

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