What is Undue Influence?

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It’s not uncommon for a person’s mental capacity to start to decline as they reach the later stages of their lives. Unfortunately, this can leave them vulnerable to the undue influence of others.

What does unduly influenced mean? Can you sue for undue influence? What is the penalty for undue influence?

Learn about the meaning of undue influence, the consequences of undue influence and the circumstances under which it can occur from this guide by Keystone Law Group.

If a Husband and Wife Die Together, Who Inherits Community Property?

For the most part, California law is clear regarding community property rights upon the death of a spouse: “Upon the death of a person who is married or in a registered domestic partnership, one-half of the community property belongs to the surviving spouse and the other one-half belongs to the decedent.” Prob. C. § 100(a). […]

Do Probate Bonds and Blocked Bank Accounts Guarantee Estate Asset Protection?

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When an individual passes away, and their estate is required to pass through the probate process, sale of the assets allows for a straightforward distribution to those entitled to them. As such, heirs of a decedent and estate beneficiaries would be distributed cash to satisfy their inheritance by a personal representative (i.e., an executor/administrator of […]