Beneficiaries who are harmed by the wrongdoing of executors or trustees must decide how to respond. The fact that these fiduciaries are frequently family members can make this very difficult.

To shed light on these often-murky situations, we published a white paper called “When Executors and Trustees Go Wrong.” In the paper, we discuss important questions that include:

  • What types of conduct constitute a breach of fiduciary duty?
  • What legal remedies are available to hold trustees and executors accountable for wrongdoing?
  • Why do dysfunctional family dynamics so often contribute to causing these situations?

Our paper is a resource intended to help you understand the legal framework in which trustees and executors operate. Reviewing it should be useful in identifying your next steps in responding to wrongful conduct by these fiduciaries. To find out more, give our law firm a call to discuss your specific situation.