Celebrity Disputes

With the heirs of late comedian Robin Williams battling over his estate due to the lack of a clear will, the New York Post published an article revealing how many Americans are failing to plan for their estate.

According to the report, about half of married couples across the country either have no will or lack a clear one. On the other hand, 80% of Americans 35 to 44 years of age also have no wills. Meanwhile, the number of baby boomers without a will is as high as 41%. Some experts said the stunningly high numbers of those without a will reflect how an average American sees the process of creating a will as expensive, inconvenient, and not a priority.

Wills and trusts are very important in providing security for your children’s future. However, these measures don’t guarantee seamless estate administration. In some cases, legal disputes may even arise despite the presence of a strong will. In such a legally trying time, you need the help of a probate attorney who can effectively represent the welfare of your loved ones. To enlist the help of our team at the Keystone Law Group, P.C., call us at (310) 444-9060 today.