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The last thing you want when dealing with the loss of a loved one is to navigate the complicated probate process on your own. The good news is that help is available. To be provided with the guidance and knowledge you need to successfully resolve any matter arising during probate, you need in your corner a skilled probate attorney. Los Angeles residents can count on Keystone Law Group to provide expert representation throughout the probate process. Every Los Angeles probate attorney on our team has the skillset required to achieve favorable outcomes for your probate matters — regardless of how complicated they may be. When searching for probate lawyers, Los Angeles residents can rely on Keystone to provide the best.


What We Do

Comprehensive Los Angeles Probate Lawyer Services

Are the terms of a will or trust ambiguous? Are you considering suing the executor or suing the trustee? Are you seeking to divide property through a partition action? Are you a creditor seeking to enforce your claim against a decedent’s estate? Are you a trustee or executor seeking guidance about the duties of your role? Keystone’s team of Los Angeles probate attorneys has you covered. When searching for a probate lawyer, Los Angeles residents should hire a law firm that can provide a full range of probate services. This way, their legal needs are certain to be met. The attorneys at Keystone are experts in probate law, serving clients in areas of practice, such as:

Challenging Wills and Trusts
Bringing and Defending Claims of Elder Financial Abuse
Litigating and Administering Trusts
Litigating and Administering Estates
Establishing and Defending Conservatorships

Why Choose Keystone's Los Angeles Probate Lawyers?

Members of our Los Angeles probate attorney team boast numerous accomplishments and accolades, including:

  • Certification as Specialists in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law (State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization)
  • Invitations to speak on probate law topics for attorneys, CPAs and other professionals
  • Experience teaching wills and trusts to law students
  • Accolades from prominent legal publications, such as Daily Journal, Best Lawyers and Super Lawyers

Simply put, if you require a probate attorney in Los Angeles, Keystone Law Group is ready to serve. Our probate lawyers have a demonstrated history of helping clients circumvent the many challenges that can arise during probate and administration.

Who We Help

Types of Clients We Work With


We provide guidance to executors and administrators throughout the probate process and administration, protecting them against liabilities.


We help trustees navigate their role, counsel them about the role they should play in trust disputes and protect them against liabilities.


We help beneficiaries claim and protect their rightful inheritances, enforcing their rights in estate and trust disputes.


We help enforce the community property rights of surviving spouses after the death of their spouse.


We help conservators establish, navigate and defend conservatorships.


We help creditors enter and enforce claims against deceased debtors’ estates and debtor-beneficiaries.


We provide guidance to attorneys-in fact, and help bring and defend claims of power of attorney abuse.

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For the best probate lawyers in Los Angeles, turn to Keystone Law Group. It is our mission to provide clients with expert legal guidance through every step of the probate process. Schedule a free consultation with one of our skilled probate attorneys today to get things started. The Los Angeles probate attorneys at Keystone Law Group look forward to helping you favorably resolve your probate matter.